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Carpet has undergone some interesting changes in recent years. Traditionally, it has been easy to soil and difficult to clean. Those suffering from allergies and asthma avoided it. Those tired of soaking stains out of carpet replace it with a hard surface option so spills can be wiped away.

However, these views have become outdated. Modern carpet is easier to clean than ever and can even help maintain a clean home. We will take a quick look at how here.

Microban® Antimicrobial Technology

Effervescent antimicrobial carpet

We mentioned earlier that modern carpet is easier to clean than ever. This is largely because you no longer have to do all of the work. Carpet featuring Microban® technology is designed to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold and other microbes.  So the carpet helps keep itself clean by preventing growth in the first place. You can view our full line of Clean Home carpet collections by clicking here.

Filtering Your Home’s Air

Affirmation clean home antibacterial carpet

Studies have shown that carpet can help improve air quality. Allergens and particles eventually settle. With hard surface floors, they fall right back to the surface, where the slightest disturbance can kick them back into the air. Carpet fibers trap allergens, preventing them from returning to the air.

HEPA Vacuums

A picture of a carpet being vacuumed over white background

Regardless of the features included with your carpet floors, it’s still important to clean them regularly. After all, if the particles that have become trapped under your carpet aren’t removed, they will eventually become embedded and cause a buildup. Vacuuming once per week will help prevent this. And by using a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter, you can prevent these particles from reentering the air. HEPA filters are also easy to clean and last longer than conventional filters.

Hot Water Extraction

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet still needs to be cleaned every 18 months. There are many carpet-cleaning methods, but hot water extraction remains the industry standard. This innovative cleaning process uses only water and avoids harsh chemicals.

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