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What comes to mind when you think of carpet? Is it a single color with a slight texture spreading evenly across a room? That’s a pretty common view of carpet and one that many of us are most familiar with. However, it’s also an outdated view; modern carpet selections are available in more colors, styles and textures than ever, achieving a greater variety of style than previously possible. Here are some of our favorite trending selections.

Carpet Patterns

While patterned carpet has been around for some time, we’ve never seen the large variety that exists today. We’re seeing both classic and contemporary styles trending. Some incorporate geometric shapes, while others take advantage of the carpet’s construction. All patterned selections are available in a variety of colors. Some of our favorites include Chic Culture and Contempo Style.

Textured Patterns

For a more bold look, some carpets feature textures that slightly beveled, 3D texture that really makes the design pop. Textured patterns come in a variety of styles with varying levels of thickness. Some are more subtle, while others feature well-defined shapes and patterns that are easily identified. To see an example check out out  Hot Off The Press carpet lines.

Mixed Loop

The artisan style has made waves among interior design trends in recent years, and carpet flooring is no exception. A unique take on its construction, the mixed loop design, offers a beautiful artisan touch in a variety of classic tones. Mixed loop means that high and low fiber loops are combined to create a unique, woven look. You’ll find a great example of it with our Mod Couture carpet line.

Shag Pile

An old favorite is making a modern comeback: shag pile carpet. It’s still considered an acquired taste, but there’s no denying the comfort of shaggy carpet.

Fashion Destination

To view our largest selection of varied carpet styles, be sure to stop by the FASHION Destination. Here, you’ll find a vast choice of patterns, textures and colors, along with inspiration room scenes to see how they may fit in with your home’s decor. To see each carpet line in person, be sure to visit COLORTILE of Salem’s flooring showroom in Salem, OR today!