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Living in Salem can be challenging for your home’s flooring in surprising ways. Temperature changes, low humidity, and outdoor adventures are just a few things that challenge floors in ways that most people don’t realize – until it’s too late. Here, we’ll discuss why luxury vinyl flooring is up for Salem’s challenges.

Overcoming the Stigma of Vinyl Flooring

Wood-look LVP flooring in a kitchen

It’s true: when vinyl flooring first hit the market, they weren’t that great. Vinyl floors were a cheaper option, but for good reason.

Early vinyl flooring was easy to tear. Even light scratches could lead to large tears in the most inconvenient places. Regular use also stretched it out over time. This was subtle, but often enough to cause tears at the corner.

And then there was the yellowing. Early vinyl floors tended to take on a yellow tint over time, even if they were cleaned regularly. This was especially problematic in kitchens.

Fortunately, as we discussed in our complete guide to luxury vinyl flooring, all of this has changed. Luxury vinyl floors offer exceptional performance and value. We’ll discuss why (and why they’re a great choice for Salem) below.

Durable Enough for Salem’s Outdoor Scene

Stone-look LVT flooring in a kitchen

Whether you’ve spent the day kayaking the Willamette River or backpacking along the Salem Hills, you’re probably ready to toss your gear and take a breather after a long day of adventuring. Heavy boots, heavier gear, and lots of dirt can prove challenging for your home’s flooring.

Unless you have luxury vinyl floors. Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are engineered to resist scratches, dents, and (of course) tearing. Modern luxury vinyl floors often even match (and sometimes exceed) the performance of their stone tile and hardwood counterparts.

Waterproof Through and Through

Whether you’re coming home soaked from a day of kayaking or just spilled your morning coffee all over the floor, it’s not a problem with luxury vinyl. It’s completely waterproof! Some vinyl planks and tiles can even be completely submerged without expanding or incurring damage.

But it’s about more than just the planks and tiles. Most luxury vinyl floors include a locking installation method that prevents spills from seeping into the subfloor. This actually helps prevent one of the most common causes of mold and mildew. It’s also the culprit for those terrible odors that don’t seem to have a source (yes, subfloor mold and mildew can do that).

Luxury Vinyl Floors are Unaffected by Seasonal Changes

LVP flooring in a modern kitchen

Salem’s seasons change drastically. This can have a surprising impact on some types of flooring – especially solid hardwood floors. Rising and falling temperatures can cause solid hardwood planks to expand and contract. The difference is subtle, but it can cause planks to crack and warp over time. It can also lead to gaps between planks.

Humidity can have a similar impact on solid hardwood panels. Wood naturally absorbs moisture. Over time, this subtle change can also cause damage, included warped and buckled planks.

We’ve already discussed the waterproof qualities of luxury vinyl planks. Obviously, they are also unaffected by changes in humidity levels. This includes quick, drastic changes.


Stone-look luxury vinyl flooring in a modern home

The real estate market is hot in Salem! If you’ve considered selling, now is the time! But it might be worth sprucing up your home’s style first. And new flooring is the perfect place to start.

Luxury vinyl floors are one of the most affordable hard surface options available. Some of the vinyl floors we sell may even pay for themselves through the increased value they’ll bring your home.

But we are talking about more than just the initial cost. As we’ve discussed throughout the post, luxury vinyl flooring offers exceptional long-term value – especially for active families in Salem. In fact, some of our LVP floors are protected by lifetime warranties. How great would that sound to a potential buyer?

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Every home and situation is different. Luxury vinyl flooring is a great choice for Salem, but it may or may not be the best choice for you. If you’re ready to make an informed decision for your home, visit Salem’s leading flooring experts at Colortile of Salem today!